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What is ArtLab Maui?

ArtLab Maui is an art studio for kids of all ages. Offing engaging art activities, after-school and weekend programs, and private events. ArtLab is a space where kids can learn , play and create!

Where is ArtLab Maui?

ArtLab Maui is conveniently located in North Kihei. We have a great studio space in the Kihei Trade Center, 381 Huku Li'i Place.

What age kids come to ArtLab?

ArtLab is currently offering classes for ages 5-18, check the current lab offerings and find the one that is right for you.

How many kids are in a lab?

ArtLab keeps class sizes small to allow for personal attention and collaboration, with just 8 artists in the younger groups and a maximum of 12 for older artists.

Who is the ArtLab instructor?

ArtLab is lead by Tasha Compos, a fully credentialed teacher with a Masters degree in education and over 14 years classroom teaching experience.

Are materials included?

Yes, all materials needed (and lots of stuff thats just fun) are included in the cost of enrollment. No need to bring anything, we have everything here.

Are lab projects repeated?

Projects are not repeated so you can sign up for the same lab for multiple sessions and learn new things every time. We love to mix it up!

If I am enrolled in a lab can I come to open lab as well?

All labs with at least 4 sessions come with 1 FREE open lab to use while the lab is running. You still need to register for the open lab but will have a code to use at checkout to cover the fee.

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